Top 5 Benefits of Burning Candles

Top 5 Benefits of Burning Candles

By Damon Routzhan

Top 5 Benefits of Burning Candles

While candles certainly have a utilitarian purpose, that’s far from their only purpose. They’re also there to make us feel good – improving the looks and feel of the room around us, helping us celebrate important milestones, encouraging us to get into the right headspace for the occasion, and maybe even serving as a distraction during boring shopping trips (thank you, candle aisle). However, the less practical uses for candles still come with several upsides, benefitting us and our lives. To prove it, here are the top 5 benefits of burning candles.

1. Candles Add Ambiance
If you’ve watched even a single rom-com in your life, then you know that there’s always a romantic dinner by candlelight – and for a good reason. Candles can completely change the room's vibe, instantly making it feel more comfortable and soothing, or intimate, warm, and inviting. In the completely opposite direction, candles can just as equally make things feel (ironically) dark, ominous, and spooky. So, essentially giving you the perfect ambiance for all your Halloween-aesthetic dreams. It just depends on how you use them!

2. They’re Great for Meditation and Prayer
Are you someone who frequently prays, or do you keep up a regular meditation practice? If so, you should try burning a few candles here and there. They can go a long way in relaxing you, keeping you grounded, and helping you center your focus thanks to their soft glow and scent.

There are also quite a few meditation methods and visualization techniques that can use the flame's flickering. Give them a try to expand your practice and set a few important intentions for the days, weeks, and months to come.

3. Candles Can Be a Part of Self-Care
While self-care has become a much bigger point of conversation in the last few years, it’s perhaps never been as vital as it is now. It’s no secret that 2020 has been rough for all of us. Between the global pandemic, social inequality, political unrest, and the many, many natural disasters that have been broadcasted all over the news, we could all desperately use some time to relax and unwind a bit. Candles won’t necessarily give you the time needed or fully make or break your self-care, but it can help make your routine a bit more effective and special.

4. Candles Add Fragrance to a Room
One of the most apparent benefits of burning candles is that they have some fantastic fragrances that can fill a room and cover up smells without being too heavy. They’re also a better way to add fragrance, especially soy-wax based ones, as there are less potentially harmful chemicals and toxins to worry about.

This keeps your home smelling great while also keeping you, your guests, and your pets safer. And one of the nicest things: you can find just about any scent profile you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for a candle to smell like laundry, your partner’s cologne, or a fresh-baked pie, you’re bound to find one that fits the bill.

5. They’re Lovely Keepsakes and Decoration
The fragrances, ambiance, and self-care value of candles are all fantastic benefits, but let’s not forget that they also make for lovely keepsakes and décor. After all, we’ve all probably received one for a gift at some point or another and refused to actually use it because it was “too cute” or “precious.” They may be small, but they really do add a nice pop of color and are just the right touch to pull a room together.

For some reason, it’s also easy to attach sentimental value and emotion to them, reminding you of a loved one, a special place, or a trip you went on. Keeping candles around is a great way to enjoy this and bring positive emotions into daily living.


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