Things You Need to Know to Burn a Candle Properly

Things You Need to Know to Burn a Candle Properly

By Barrett Shepherd

Things You Need to Know to Burn a Candle Properly

The candles introduce an aura to any place. With warmth, glow, and lightness, it turns a house into a home. These aesthetic and alluring ornamentation pieces promote calmness and relaxation. They invigorate your energy requirements. However, they don’t burn the way you perceived them. 

If you’re asking yourself about the atypical flame of your candles, here’s what’s necessary for you to know. Learn about candles, their way of burning, and the preventive measures that you can take.


Whenever you light a candle, the heat from the flame usually melts the wax around the wick. This wick is specifically prepared from porous twines like braided cotton or even other strings or cords, These twines utilize the capillary action to pull out the liquefied wax up to the wick to carry fuel to the candle flame. 

Suppose your candle flame is burning very tall. Perhaps it’s happening because its temperature is very high. It may often flicker or produce smoke. If any of these signs are visible to you or feel that the flame is uncontrollable, then douse the flame instantly to prevent fire hazards. Despite if this inflated flame doesn’t flicker a fire, you probably will burn through your candle much quicker than you perceived. 

After you’ve extinguished the tall flame, it’s your time to examine the matter. There can be two primary causes behind the high flame of your candles. 

The width of the wick

One is, the width of the wick is not appropriate due to a manufacturing defect. If the wick is thicker than usual, you may need to return the candle and purchase a new one. 

Fortunately, if you buy the candles of Homesick, you would not face this issue because the wicks are appropriate in diameter. 

The length of the wick

The second reason can be the length of the wick. However, here’s a simple method to fix this issue:

Crop the wick. You can cut a long wick with Homesick’s handy wick trimmer. You can store it in a customized cloth carrier for a cleaner and safer burn. 

Most favorably, trim the wick to its 1/4th before every time you light it. In this way, you can control the burning speed and amount of the fuel. 

Hence, the next time you present a unique candle to your friend or your closed ones, add the Homesick’s wick trimmer. This would ensure a soothing, scented, and secure candle lightning experience for them. 


A very usual issue with burning candles is an unnecessary amount of smoke production. Even after trimming your candle’s wick to its appropriate width and length, it can happen. The reason remains the draft. It can result in the production of smoke and can degrade the air quality of your living space. 

When a heavy flow of airstrikes the burning flame and makes it flicker, both in and out, it also can affect the wick. As a result, the wick would burn the fuel conflictingly and draw access oil from the wax. Hence, an oil build-up would be created, and the average speed of burning would rapidly increase. This, in turn, would result in the production of smoke.

To prevent this smoke, place it in a not very near to the open doors or windows, vents, or fans.


The extreme length of the wick and its shortness can be a vital affecting issue. However, you can instantly solve this problem.

  • If you can light the candle, wait and let it burn for at least 20 minutes and keep checking it frequently. If the problem remains after liquefying enough wax, you probably require to separate some wax. 
  • If the first case isn’t possible, you can use a heat gun to liquefy the wax. Then, remove the melted wax, and the wick would work properly.


The aromatic and lighting candles turn any ambition into a more soothing and peaceful experience. However, improper burns can cause fire hazards and can affect the air quality of your home. You can solve this yourself. Trim the wicks frequently, keep them away from airy areas and prevent oil build-up to ensure a safer and cleaner burn every time you light them.

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