The Tonka Beans: A Perfect Blend of Spicy, Fruity Aroma

The Tonka Beans: A Perfect Blend of Spicy, Fruity Aroma

By Damon Routzhan

The Tonka Beans: A Perfect Blend of Spicy, Fruity Aroma

The tonka bean is a distinctive fragrance among various voguish candle scents prepared by Homesick. Fundamentally it was utilized as mid notes and base notes that remain underneath the surface. Although Tonka bean is not as popular as vanilla, it is higher than what you perceived.

Hence, what kind of fragrance do these small-sized beans introduce to your table? Here, you would get an explanation about the expected aroma of a Tonka beans Homesick candle. You would also get to know the origins of the fragrance. 


The trees of tonka beans grow naturally in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. These trees live over 1,000 years and bloom some rose-colored flowers. Later, these flowers produce fruits. Each such fruit contains a one-inch-long Tonka bean. 

According to the natural cycle, when the fruit falls on the ground, the Tonka beans are harvested. These beans are cured for a full day using alcohol, and they get dried. After that, they form crystallization over their surface, which looks like frost. This crystallization, in turn, produces Coumarin. This Coumarin is the original aroma that is used in soaps, fragrances, deodorants. Even diluted Coumarin is often used in cinnamon. 

Tonka beans are frequently called the "love-wishing" bean. This is because people from some specific cultural background believe that these beans are aphrodisiac. They perceive that the beans have some mystical features to develop both people's wealth and courage.


Tonka beans' fragrance is quite identical to vanilla. However, it's not as popular as vanilla. Nevertheless, it's still an envied ingredient and is used in various recipes for a very long time. It offers a very neutral tone, which is similar to cinnamon's nutty fragrance. 

If you compare it with vanilla, you will find it's a blended aroma of toasted almonds, woodsy scents, and some spices such as nutmeg. Besides, it also has a very mild fragrance of Amarena cherries used in cocktails a long ago and now Old-fashioned. 

In summary, these beans offer a rich, warm and deep aroma. Hence, these are often utilized as the base and mid notes in various deodorants and perfumes. Our Homesick Candle is one among them. 

An essential feature of Tonka beans is that it helps other ingredients to get blended. Sometimes, the longer you let your candle burn, the more highlighted the Tonka beans fragrance becomes. 

Hence, the Tonka beans enhance or balance the other fragrances. It blends very effectively with citrus or fruit-based scents. Besides, it also pairs well with musk and smoky scents. Therefore, it introduces further dimensions and softens sharp smells like smoky, citrus, and musk aromas. 


You've already got the details about the spicy yet delicate aroma of tonka beans. If you like it, take a glance at the Tonka beans candles of Homesick. Following are the most popular candles from the New York pumpkin patches of Upstate of East Coast to the wine vineyards of West Coast. 

Pittsburgh Candle 

You would find mid notes and base notes of Tonka beans in this candle, which balance the sharp notes of smoke, sandalwood, musk, and clove. 

An essential feature of Pittsburgh is the fragrance of Pierogies, the smoke of the fireplace, and the smell of industrial steel. However, Tonka beans balance all these sharp smells. 

New York State Candle  

The New York State Candle should be your choice if your mindset resembles New York. 

Don't confuse between this State candle and Big Apple NYC-specific candle because the unique feature of the New York State Candle lies in its apple orchards and pumpkin patches of Hudson Valley. Moreover, the Adirondacks trails are covered with leaves. 

Here, the Tonka bean is the base that enhances the naturalness of fall herbage and autumn hayrides. 

Grandma's Kitchen Candle 

If you are fond of nutty fragrances, then the Grandma's kitchen candle is for you. Although it doesn't contain Tonka beans, it offers an equal balance among spices, sugars, and other mild aromas. 

That's why, if you're a Tonka bean lover, you may like it as well. It contains the fresh earthy smell of baked Snickerdoodles with notes of vanilla, clove, and cinnamon.

California Candles 

If you are a Northern or Southern California resident, there are Homesick's candles, which would make you remember your home. 

The freshness of citrus fields of lemons and oranges and sea breezes are blended appropriately with Tonka bean as a base in the Southern California candle. 

In contrast, the Northern California candle offers the nutty fragrance of amber, vanilla, apple, and musk. Blended with Tonka beans, the apples used in this are comparable with its famous forests of redwood and wine regions. 

Browse our selection of natural scented candles here.


If you desire to smell the aroma of Tonka beans, purchase it and experience it. Tonka bean would offer you a wide range of undertones, from the Birthday Party Candle to the Beach Cottage Candle. Hence, it can be a "love wishing" aroma that you would want to experience in your home.


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