How to Make Your Home Smell Like a Top Luxury Hotel

How to Make Your Home Smell Like a Top Luxury Hotel

By Damon Routzhan

How to Make Your Home Smell Like a Top Luxury Hotel

Staying in a luxury hotel is the best part about being away from home. The neat, crisp sheets, calming ambiance, and above all, the fascinating smell of a luxurious hotel enhances the entire stay experience. Do you want to get the same pleasure without stepping out of your abodes? If you pick the right scents for your homes, this is very much possible. This article explores multiple ways to make your home smell like a 5-star hotel. So let's dive in.



The primary step to get a hotel-like feel in your indoor spaces depends on the types of fragrances you choose. Picking the right scent to freshen up your homes is imperative not to make it feel like a budget motel but a luxury penthouse or hotel.

However, you can always buy scented products like diffusers, candles and air fresheners from hotels but believe us they will cost you a fortune and there aren't many options. A more rational and cost-effective strategy is to opt for the right scents yourselves and get the same feeling. Below we have jotted some of the best home luxury scents to revitalize your homes.


Nothing can go wrong with a citrus smell. It is a perfect combination of light, fresh, and mood-boosting smells extracted from the natural fruits. The energizing scent of lemons, oranges, lime, tangerines, and other citrus fruit will bring the sweet summertime into your rooms. If you aren't a fan of the overly sweet citrus smell, a mild citrus-scented candle will induce a clean and refreshing aroma in your home. 



Staying in a hotel is all about comfort and luxury, and that is the core reason why most hotels go for flowery fragrances. Humans have been obsessed with floral scent since ancient times. Contemporary brands also never miss a chance to incorporate these smells into anything they want to give a luxurious feel. So whether you want to go with the classic rose or the uplifting scent of lavender or jasmine, floral fragrances will take you into the middle of a beautiful garden; that is why most luxury hotels infuse these smells into the environment.



Not everyone is a fan of fruity citrus or floral scents, and that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the richness of a hotel inside your homes. Spices and herbal fragrances are strong, long-lasting, and connect you to the wonders of nature. These fragrances induce a smoky, herbal or sweet essence to your indoor spaces, and the choices are never-ending. From cardamom candles to cinnamon-nutmeg diffusers, these ideal mixes of spice and herbs are perfect for snuggly winter nights with your loved ones.



The list of luxurious scents is any day incomplete without earthy wood fragrances. The most commonly used heavier wood scents are cedarwood and sandalwood, and they are famous for all the right reasons. These wood scents furnish a classic relaxing feel and ideal for situations when you are stressed out and need some clarity of mind. Wood-based scents are best for occasions and seasons when you think lighter citrus or floral smell wouldn't be the best choice. Spice up your homes with wood-scented candles to experience the luxury of a hotel right in your lounge snuggling with your loved ones.




Candles are the first thing that comes to people's minds when they hear about aromatherapy. The popularity of scented candles has skyrocketed in the past few years not just because they are an efficient and eco-friendly way to diffuse scents in the atmosphere but also look very aesthetically pleasing. Looking around high-end places, be it a hotel, spa, or a restaurant, you will indeed find scented candles everywhere.

Candles are handy, and there is a minimal risk of spilling liquids only when they are burnt for a longer duration. Otherwise, they are easy to use, store and carry. Candles now come in beautiful customized shapes and jars made of a variety of materials. So everyone can buy something according to their unique taste. Have a  look at Concrete Candles' range of concrete soy wax burning candles for a deluxe candle experience.

The only thing you have to be careful about candles is to keep them away from flammable substances, and you are good to go. A recommended tip is to cut your candle's wick into a suitable size for even and safe burning or go for wood wick candles.



Diffusers are another effective product to disperse these luxurious scents in the air. When shopping for diffusers, you will find three basic options. Reeds diffusers are prevalent and work passively to release these scents in the air. They do not require a power source, unlike electric diffusers or candlelight diffusers that work by heating the essential oils. Reed diffusers are pretty suitable for a regular fragrance and can be easily placed anywhere from even in vehicles. On the other hand, electric diffusers are helpful when you need a more potent and quick scent in your homes but definitely need a power outlet to function.



Nowadays, almost every skin and cosmetic product are incorporated with fragrances, but the scented soaps and lotions in hotels have an unparalleled charm. Who doesn't like soothing hot baths in a cozy bathtub of a hotel? Now you can get the same experience by investing in some premium quality soaps and lotions and placing them inside your restrooms to give them a fantastic hotel-like feel. But don't forget to go for a patch test first. Some people are allergic to ingredients used in scented products, and they can irritate their skin. So if you are planning to take a hot bubble bath or moisturize your skin with a floral or citrus lotion, always apply it on a portion of skin and see if your skin shows any effect.

Fragrances always have a profound impact on memories and emotions. If you want your home to smell like luxury and give your visitors memorable experiences, utilize these tips, as mentioned earlier, to succeed in this objective.


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