Candles: Lighting the World & Eliminating the Negativity

Candles: Lighting the World & Eliminating the Negativity

By Barrett Shepherd

Candles: Lighting the World & Eliminating the Negativity

Candles are parts of our lives for thousands of years. It has various purposes and several benefits. While some light candles to enhance their romantic mood, others use them to create a relaxing atmosphere. Candles are part of our tradition as well. Every birthday ceremony is incomplete without lighting and blowing out the candles. Besides, many use candles for their glow. 

Following are some advantages symbolic definitions of candles:


Candles used to symbolize divinity in ancient times. People used to think that these are presents from God. Mythology tells that Greek gods gifted the fire to Prometheus for radiating light and progress. This is why lighting candles is a practice that is performed in Greek temples. It also symbolizes sacrifice. Greek villagers light the candles during the birth celebration of Artemis. Artemis is their goddess of wild animals, childbirth, virginity, and childbirth. 


The candle flames are also the symbol of festive celebrations and remembrance. People light candles during Hanukah to remember to keep faith in the Jewish culture and the presence of God. The festival lights remind them of the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. The cultural belief is that the candle symbolizes their safety. 

The five-day Diwali celebration of India also symbolizes the power of light to welcome the coming year. People from different communities light candles throughout their homes to celebrate the grace of light. They float candles and believe that these candles would reach goddess Lakshmi and she would bless them with prosperity and wealth. 

The flame is also a symbol of the catholic faith. It represents the illumination of Christ. In the marriage ceremony, the flames represent the symbols of unity. The bride and the groom light two separate candles and bring them together to represent the unity of their souls. In every Christian festival and celebration, candles are used. It’s a symbol of prayer.


Since Colonial times, there’s a traditional practice of placing candles in the window. It is a symbol of prayer for someone who has gone far away from home. The flame would ensure their safety. Besides, that candle is a symbol of waiting. It refers that whenever they would return, their home would welcome them with immense joy.  

The flame also represents your belongingness to return to your home. The sight of a burning candle makes you remember your home. You feel nostalgic and homesick. The candles ensure your peace of mind and bring you back to a state of mental tranquility.


Candles have much symbolic importance. Over the years, people from different cultures, communities, religions have used candles to celebrate various festivals and various events. Candles signify the triumph of good power over evil. It is a tool to worship God, to pray for your friends and family.

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