Candles For Pet Odors

Candles For Pet Odors

By Damon Routzhan

Candles For Pet Odors

Who doesn’t love pets? All of us adore our pets like our own children. But with pets comes a smell, and sometimes it can get a bit out of control. Indeed bathing makes them smell better, but we can’t be bathing them all the time. Scented candles are a great way to minimize and neutralize pet odor.

Hence, we have formed a collection of four scented candles for this particular purpose. But before knowing them, let’s understand what makes a pet odor blockage suitable for its purpose and which scent is safe for pets, be it dogs, cats, feline, etc. Let’s get started! 


Reed diffuser and scented candles can reduce the pet odor, but before that, your pet’s cleanliness is necessary. But in between, like cat litters, dogs in the rain, rabbits’ smell can quickly be neutralized and disguised by scented candles.

Safety is necessary when it comes to your pets, and you need to consider all possible factors. Since most pets have heightened senses of smell, you need to keep in mind the scents you choose.

Reed diffuser is the suitable option if you have an energetic pet who loves running since it doesn’t have open flames.


These custom fragrances come with a massive range of natural and pure essential oils. The question is, how can you choose which scents are the best for your pet. For your ease, we’ll discuss a few of the perfumes which serve the purpose of being pet-friendly and odor neutralizing.


The patchouli scent is a beautiful scent for disguising most of the odors. Hippies douched themselves in patchouli; it is believed that they do so because it helps cover the suspicious fragrances. It’s spicy, it’s musky and sweet all at the same time, a great way of disguising the foul odors.

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Ancient scents are classic. Frankincense and its cousin myrrh are old scents. Frankincense has an earthy smell with a tinge of subtle citrus hints; it’s common to be compared with the scent of rosemary. It is known to have properties to digestive tracts and immunity. It is also known to have highly relaxing properties. So if your pup is stressed out, strike a match and ignite the Frankincense.


Ginger itself has many health benefits; you might sip a hot ginger tea to help enhance your digestion and help you breathe with ease; ginger-scented candles can affect your pets. Ginger has other essential benefits, like help in your joint pains; this might help the senior pets who suffer from arthritis.


Lavender is a purple plant known to have excellent antibacterial properties along with a mesmerizing fragrant aroma. Lavender is often thought to be used in home cleaning products, so it is safe to say that it’s a safe scent to use around your pets as well.


If you’ve ever used cedar hope chest or cedar planter boxes, you would know that it repels pests like fleas, insects, etc. It is also known to stimulate blood circulation. Hence proven, cedarwood is one more great scent to add to your list to neutralize the pet odor.


Many pets are sensitive to certain chemical compounds or products; they lack certain enzymes needed to break down those chemical compounds; hence you need to be careful.

Did you know that cats have a more sensitive metabolic system and lack the liver detoxification enzymes that break down certain chemical compounds, making them more susceptible? The same goes for smaller pets like birds, reptiles, bunnies, rodents, and more?

If you have any similar pets, you should be more careful and look for any strange behavior or symptoms as a sign of warning and choose safer scents for them. While many scented candles use toxic ingredients, fortunately, our candles are entirely toxin-free and are made with all-natural and organic ingredients with non-toxic soy wax.

Since now you have an idea of what to look for when buying scented candles when you have pets around you, we’ll now explore the great scented candles we offer for pet odors.


Patchouli was used by cannabis to disguise the foul smell that tagged along with them. There is no shame in being a hippy in today’s world either, so instead, we would suggest the four twenty candles to cover up the dog odors, or maybe it can cover up the smell of scooby snacks as well.


Fleas can be annoying, even for us as a human so why wouldn’t it be annoying for our pets as well? Cedarwood, as discussed earlier, has the properties of repelling fleas, leaving you scratch-free and at ease. Dallas candles offer a scent of smoky cedarwood, giving your house an earthy aroma and covering up the odors.


With top notes of Lavender and soft undertones of amber, and subtle scents of sandalwood, the Summer Camp Candle, upon lightening, will give you an experience like no other. It’ll make you feel like you’re running through a field with your best furry friend with a bonus of covering all the pet odors.


As the name suggests, the candle has top notes of pumpkin and nutmeg, giving vibes of an autumn experience. It has soft notes of Ginger, Cinnamon, and Cloves, and as we discussed earlier, ginger has a lot of health benefits, best for your pet’s health, peace of mind, and it would also give you an experience like you’re on a hayride with your pup or any other pet.

So what are you waiting for? Strike a match and light any of these custom fragranced oiled, non-toxic, Paraben, and lead-free candles and keep your pet-friendly home odor-free. Be it a canine or a feline; these scented candles are sure to keep them safe.


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