Amazing Tricks and Tips of Using Essential Oil Diffusers

Amazing Tricks and Tips of Using Essential Oil Diffusers

By Barrett Shepherd

Amazing Tricks and Tips of Using Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are modern-day concepts. These are often used to create a comforting ambiance and to experience a soothing, lasting aroma. These also help to keep you calm and to decrease your stress level. Following is the description of how essential they can be for you and how you can include them in your everyday routine. 


Breathing in specific aromas has been an effective practice for thousands of years. It helps to improve both your physical and mental health. Following are some significant advantages of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers:

Oil diffusers add great-smelling moisture — A good number of aromatherapists favor ultrasonic diffusers because these are humidifiers. Besides, they add a pleasant smell to the air. Hence, these are extremely useful during winter or if you’re experiencing a dry atmosphere. 

It revitalizes your mental health — A scientifically proven fact about essential oil is that they have the power to uplift your mood. Hence, whenever you would feel low, try to experience the aroma of lemon oil.

Oil diffusers preserve the oil’s original quality: The modernized ultrasonic diffusers assist in protecting the actual chemical composition of the oils. 

It develops a comforting ambiance — As similar to essential oils, oil diffusers too can assist you to sink into a mental state of extreme peace and comfort. Oil from rose, chamomile, lavender, bergamot, frankincense, and orange may also encourage your better sleep.


An efficient essential oil diffuser requires a very minimum effort and setup. Usually, most of the functions in a similar way. Following is the process of using one:

1. Set up the diffuser 

It would be best if you placed the essential oil diffuser in a position near the wall outlet. You can position it in your bedroom, living space, or at any comforting place. This would ensure the distribution of more significant aromatic moisture into the air. 

2. Fill up the water tank 

 The oil diffuser depends on water to create good-smelling moisture. Our essential oil diffuser has a main marked line to indicate how much water to fill. Use purified water for the best results.

3. Add oil to the diffuser

To do this, remove the oil lids and then add the oil in whatever quantity you desire. For a 100-milliliter diffuser, 3-5 drops of oil is perfect. You can also mix 2-3 oils if you want.

4. Rearrange the settings — The modernized essential oil diffusers offer various settings based on your preferences. The features include two different spray mode options, such as a constant stream and a pulse. Besides, it also has an LED light to enhance a pleasant ambiance. It also works as a night light. 


Blending essential oil is an art. If you want to prepare your customized fragrance, you would have to experiment a lot. Also, you would have to choose aromas that complement each other. 

Each blending must have a balanced proportion of base, middle and top notes. 

  • Top notes are the first smell that you would get. Examples of top notes include bergamot, lemon, lavender, sage and citrus oils, etc. 
  • Middle notes, often known as “heart notes,” are the next smell you get after top notes. Floral scents like lavender, rose, the smell of different spices, etc., are examples of middle notes.  
  • Base notes are the last dominant smell that you would experience—aromas like amber, cedarwood, musk, and patchouli fall under this category.


This is a step to ensure the maintenance of your essential oil diffuser. It would help you to remove any previously burnt scent. Make sure you unplug the diffuser before cleaning it. Wipe it with a damp cotton cloth to remove the residues. Then, let it dry. 


Are you ready to experience the soothing and relaxing aroma of essential oils? Then everything you require is a supreme-quality oil diffuser and your favorite oils. It would help you to maintain peace of mind. And the Homesick essential oil blends will offer you the facility to roam all over the world by smelling their aromas, from Northern California to France to Long Island. 


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