5 Best Ways to Light A Candle

5 Best Ways to Light A Candle

By Barrett Shepherd

5 Best Ways to Light A Candle

You bring home your favorite candles to light and brighten up your weekend, but what you find a lighter lying without fuel. No need to worry-there are some traditional and unique ways to light a candle. Let’s find out a few different ways of lighting a candle without a lighter.


In the absence of an electronic lighter, Matches are the most accessible and most commonly available alternative. Matches are quickly and widely available in every nook and corner of your neighborhood. Arguably not as convenient as an electronic lighter, it still lightens up candles pretty quickly and easily, considering the candle is new, or the candlewick remains comfortably lengthy enough.

The use of a match can become tricky if the candle has burned down too far, and you won’t be able to fit your hand into the container. So, if the same situation persists or is left with no matches at hand, you can try a few following alternatives on the list.


The next best possible thing is the heating element in your household, be it oven, toaster, or space heater. Though you can use either of them, the stove burner is the most convenient one. Please turn on the stove burner and wait for it to get red. Then touch a skinny taper candle to it. The wick would catch fire immediately; then, you can use a long and slender candle to light the remaining candles in your house. If you don’t have a taper candle, then you can use a cotton swab or a piece of dry spaghetti. Out of two options, that extra length of a dry spaghetti strand will give you more time to light other candles before the flame gets dangerously close to your hand.


Imagine you have a power outage, and neither of the options available. Still, there is a way, a battery, and an aluminum foil. But make sure to be cautious enough while applying this method, else you might end up starting a fire accidentally. Depending on what type of battery is available in your house, AAA, AA, C or D, can be used.

Cut 3/4inch of aluminum foil about twice the length of the battery and then fold it in half and pinch the middle. Carefully match one end of the battery to the one end of the strip. The current would travel through the aluminum strip, resulting in instant heating up. Take a candle wick and touch it to the middle of the strip that you had pinched earlier. Now, it should be hot enough to light your candlewick. Remove the battery and foil immediately.


A piece of paper and a magnifying lens, and you have your fire ready. Yes, it’s true. Though, this method is tricky. It works if you are outside on a bright sunny day. You can use a magnifying glass and focus the light on the edge of a paper till it catches fire. If you are failing to focus the light, keep adjusting the angle of the lens until the bright spot of light appears on paper. It may take a while to heat up enough to catch fire. Do remember to extinguish the paper after you light the candle to avoid accidental fire.


While you are outside, there is another way to light a candle by using flint. Strike the flint against any metal that contains iron will create a spark. You need to put some paper in a fireproof container or a bowl to light it and help lighten up your candle. Do not forget to put out that fire to avoid an accidental fire.

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