16 Unique Gift Ideas for Friends Who are Leaving Town

16 Unique Gift Ideas for Friends Who are Leaving Town

By Barrett Shepherd

16 Unique Gift Ideas for Friends Who are Leaving Town
Do you want to give an appropriate goodbye present to a friend who’s moving away to a new place to begin a new chapter of life? You can be confused about what would be the perfect present. In this article, you would 16 gifting options from travel mugs to art and decors:

Travel mugs would be convenient if your friend frequently travels to various destinations. The advantage of this mug is that it keeps beverages and drinks at their original temperature.

However, If your friend has a travel mug already, you can gift them a unique, robust beverage holder.

If your friend is fascinated with technologies, you can present them with a digital picture frame that would rotate through your best photographs together. A small frame generally costs $50. A medium-sized frame would cost $100-$150, and if your whole squad is gifting, you may opt for one that costs higher.

To make your friend remember your precious memories together, you can gift them a customized photo album. It can be a conventional scrapbook or a professionally customized bound book that they can place on their coffee table.

If your friend is proud of the hometown and feels sad to go away from it, you can gift them a t-shirt or other merchandise that features the locality and shops. It can be anything starting from bottle openers to stickers and other branded tools. You can also make a quilted t-shirt yourself.

Some websites like Etsy sells many handmade, high-quality jewelry. These include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can select one with a meaningful engraving, or you can engrave it yourself. You can also gift critical rings, jewelry boxes, etc.

Aroma, scents, and fragrances can be a trigger to your precious memories. A scented candle can make your friend remember their locality. You can choose among a city candle or a candle that smells like the entire state. You can also select a candle that belongs to a particular memory. Check out our natural scented candles here

Moving to some other place is always stressful. Hence, you can gift some self-care kits to your friend so that they can relax. You can choose among face bombs, bath bombs, scented lotions, and soaps. You can also gift a fluffy bathrobe or fascinating fuzzy socks.

If you and your friend are fond of playing indoor and outdoor games, you can gift them a popular card game or board game. If your friend has a family, you can give activity buckets to your friends.

Kitchen appliances that you can gift to your friend include blenders, rice cookers, food processors, toasters, tea kettles, etc. The perks of giving these appliances are that you can purchase them for $50 or even less. Besides these are not two huge to transport.

If you gift some packing materials to your friend, although it’s not a fascinating gift, it’s undoubtedly worthwhile. These materials can be bubble wrap, packing tape, cardboard boxes, permanent markers, moving blankets, etc. Besides gifting the packing materials, you can also help your friend to pack some of their packages.

For this, you should have proper knowledge about the decoration planning of your friend’s new place. You can get the idea of their taste from their Pinterest boards. You can also present a gift card from your friend’s most favorite home décor store.

If your friend had to travel a lot in the future, a handy gear as a gift from you would be highly appreciable. A universal power adopter would be convenient if they are fond of doing international travels. On the other hand, solar-powered light would be an excellent option if they think of camping a lot.

If this is the first time that your friend is moving somewhere else, they might not have some necessary household tools. These tools can be anything from a screwdriver to a hammer and even a tape measure. You can also gift some hardware like a kit for hanging pictures, command strips, etc.

You can gift cleaning kits like disinfectant, rags, dish soap, hand soap, sponges, toilet papers, paper towels, toilet bowl cleaners, all-purpose cleaner, etc.

While one is moving, he or she gets busy doing that. Having even one bite of food brings difficulty. You can look into this problem and deliver food and beverages to the new place of your friend. The food can be anything from your favorite’s list. On top of their favorite food, you also can gift them with a bottle of hometown wine or a pint of the ice cream they always crave for.

A gift card can be a perfect option to gift your friend. Gift cards are trendy nowadays. It enables one’s desire to buy whatever that person wants to buy. If you’re not sure about what to gift your friend, a Gift card is the best option for you to give. If you want to make that gift card special for your friend, you can add a handwritten note and a small gift like a scented candle or a travel mug.

There are various types of gift choices that you have already found here. You can choose any of them depending on your friend’s fascination, goals, emotions, and favorite memories that you two share. But along with all these, the most precious item that you can gift to your friend is time. Spend quality time together, help them pack their luggage, suggest valuable appliances and home decors that they would like, leave some heartfelt handwritten notes for them and make them remember once more that how precious they are to you.


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